First attempt to write an article

It wasn't easy for me to write an essay and put it online due to my bad command of English and essay skills. But I know that I have to start it somewhere. It’s just now or never. I’ve no idea what to write in this article. Perhaps just start with my little background.

I grew up in a small town called Tampin in Malaysia. Like any others who grew up in a small town, I don’t have the environment to speak English at all. My parents were uneducated and dropped out of primary school for work. Back then it’s very common that only rich kids can get a full education. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t one of those. But as Chinese parents, they do know that the importance of getting a complete education for their children. They understood that’s the only way their children can get out of poverty. Fortunately, the access to education is much easier in my generation.

Anyway, I have no idea why I brought out the above topic. I just want to write something and make sure I can still write despite lacking practice since school.